Author Topic: Energy Recovery from industrial waste heat with a Stirlingengine  (Read 9686 times)

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Hello everybody,
my name is David  and i'm Engineering Student at Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Germany).
According to my Bachelor thesis, i'm examinate the methods to recover energy downstram a rgenerative thermal oxidizer (ORC) with a Stirlingengine.
The idea is, that this Stirlingengine should drive a generator, that produce electrical energy to send it back to the grid.
The temperature downstram a RCO is in a range between 100°C and 200°C. The thermal energy is in a range between 100kW and 6000kW.
Does anyone know, where i can find some detailed information about a Stirling engine, that would be suitible for this application or do anybody know a manufacturer of Strlingengine that would be suitible?
I'm very thankful for all kind of help.