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Welcome to ve//ingenieure,
your Experts for Stirling Engine Technology

Focussed on Stirling Machines we offer products and engineering services in the areas of thermodynamics, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, especially for applications in the field of renewable energies and cryogenics.

On these websites we want to give you an overview of our products and services. As reference we will show you a few examples of our previous work and projects. We are looking forward to welcome you soon as our client or partner.

Sincerely, your ve//ingenieure
Stefan Viebach & Hubert Eckl

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// Stirling Engine Technology
// Test Stands + Instrumentation
// Renewable Energy
// Cryogenics
// Computation and Simulation
// Mechatronics
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Mark the Date: Stirling Engine Conference on September 16th and 17th 2016 in Munich: Interesting lectures and workshops on Stirling Engine technology. Further Information available at the organizing Stirling Engine Working Group Munich.

March 2016: Installation of yet another Stirling Dynamometer test-stand STD20 at the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences in order to further enhance studies in "Energy Engineering and Resource Optimization."

February 16th, 2016: Demonstration of our dynamometer test stand for Stirling-machines STD20 together with Stirling engine ST05G-CNC and electrical Heater Hood EHH70 in operation. You are very welcome to join this presentation in Kissing near Augsburg and we are looking forward to your reservation.

October 2015: New video about our electrical heater-hood EHH70 in conjunction with our experimental Stirling Machine ST05G-CNC on our YouTube channel.

August 2015: The electrical Heater Hood EHH70, developed for our dynamometer test stands, is now available for sale as an independent product.

July 2015: LabJack.com reports about our dynamometers.

May 2015: Collaboration with Dr. Christian Gebhardt intensified, mainly in order to strengthen our international marketing and sales activities.

March 2015: New videos about our dynamometer in our YouTube channel!

February 2015: Dynamometer Test-Stand for Stirling-machines STD20 delivered to researchers at the University of Birmingham.

July 2014: Kick-off for the development of a dynamometer test-stand for stirling-machines. Specification of performance data jointly with academic key-clients.

May 2014: Intensified collaboration with martin beck | mechatronic , extending our portfolio in the areas of power train engineering, instrumentation, automation and software-development.

August 2013:  Successful start-up of our high-pressure tribometer for tests on dry running slide bearing materials. Thanks to fundings from the ZIM programme of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, we are now able to quantify friction and wear of materials suited for piston-rings, slide bearings and bushings under real-life conditions. A comprehensive series of tests have been started!

19.05.2012: The Team Schluckspecht of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences demonstrates a manned vehicle powered by a Stirling Engine at the Shell Eco Marathon 2012. On board the Stirling Engine ST05G-CNC. Congratulations!