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  Our Services at a Glance

Areas of Expertise
  • Stirling machines for
    • utilization of theral energy
    • cryogenic applications
  • renewable energy
  • dynamometers and test equipment
  • powertrains, automation and instrumentation


  • research and development
  • computation and simulation
  • mechanical design
  • consulting services
  • project work
  • projekt management
  • design services in elektronics and optics
  • manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of prototypes and samples
  • design and manufacturing of tools, jigs and fixtures
  • design and assembly of control cabinets
  • in collaboration with our partners we can adjust and extend our portfolio of capabilities. Thereby we can offer our
    clients comprehensive and professional solution-packages


Our core team consists of four persons and has a number of modern and powerful engineering tools to its disposal. Amongst others, these are 3D-CAD, FEM and CFD (from the SolidWorks family), computer algebra system (CAS), as well as own software for the thermodynamic layout of Stirling machines. For prototypes and small series of manufacturing and assembly tasks, we have own workshops available that are equipped with drillpress, milling machines, lathes, welding machines and a vast variety of tools. Moreover, we are backed-up by our partners with further capabilities and capacities in the areas of research, development and manufacturing.