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Our Current Product Portfolio

Experimental Stirling Machine ST05G-CNC:
Demonstrate, Understand, Utilize and Optimize Stirling Engine Technology under Laboratory Conditions
For these and similar applications the experimental Stirling Machine ST05G-CNC was designed. It is optimized for research, development and education. A machine in Gamma configuration, primarily intended as thermal engine, but also usable as heat-pump or refrigerator.

Stirling Engine Dynamometer STD20Dynamometer Test-Stand for Stirling Machines STD20:
Gauging of Stirling Machines under Laboratory Conditions
The dynamometer test-stand STD20 enables the operation of Stirling Machines under reproducible conditions. Thereby a multitude of data is acquired, processed and presented.

Electrical Heater for Stirling Engines EHH70Electrical Heater-Hood EHH70:
Operation of Stirling Machines under Laboratory Conditions
The heater-hood EHH70 heats the Stirling Engine ST05G under reproducible conditions. It is utilized in our dynamometer test-stands and is now also available separately.